Why “Enjoying Real Food While Living in the Real World”?

I don’t live on a farm. I don’t have unlimited time. And I certainly don’t have an abundance of extra money.

But I DO want to do the best I can with what I’ve got!

I live in the real world.

As much as I’ve dreamed of homesteading, in reality, my house is on a small property, and I grow a small (11×30) garden, and my growing season is from May to September.

I work part-time. I have occasional “food factory” days, as I call them, where I cook and freeze a lot of dried beans or bake bread or make a large batch of yogurt. Most of the time though, it’s a challenge being committed to a whole foods lifestyle when some of these meals can take quite a bit of preparation.

Also, I am one frugal lady! I would much rather be able to give or save than spend. We live simply, and our main expense is food. So I invest in our health by buying quality food, but I work hard to find the best prices out there!

In addition to normal life limitations, we are bombarded with marketing ploys and confusing nutrition claims regarding the food we buy. Are you aware that corporations hire “social scientists to study unconscious human emotions, not for the good of humanity but to help companies manipulate people into buying products”? (What To Eat by Marion Nestle, pg. 18) What’s a person to eat?!

I’m not a nutritionist, health care practitioner, or certified anything. Just a wife and mom of three married kids who has always had a passion for studying nutrition and for preparing food for family and friends from whole, natural ingredients.

I am a researcher, though, and I have a high tolerance for searching out possible nutritional answers to health problems. If we chat about avoiding processed foods or why to choose grass-fed meat or the benefits of shopping at your local farmer’s market, I will share what I’ve learned from experience as well as links to articles that can help you choose for yourself.

This is my “real world.” Maybe it’s your real world, too. I’d like to share ways that we can enjoy nourishing ourselves and our families with healthy, whole, minimally processed food in spite of these limitations and without it having to take over our lives.

I believe we can truly enjoy real food while living in the real world!

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