Interrupted by Sandy

I was all set to finally write another post, but it’s not meant to be!

I’m standing in a Verizon store using a demo iPad just to tell you that I can’t wait to come back! I am currently without electricity due to Hurricane Sandy.

We’re safe, thank God. There’s been no damage to our house, but we are getting along without electricity and internet. Cooking has been interesting, and our choice of what to eat has been greatly influenced by what’s defrosting in spite of our generator and what can be made on a stovetop.

But we have food. And hot water and a stovetop due to natural gas. No heat, but inside the house it’s only gone down to about 60 degrees even though it’s been around 38 at night.

I feel like I’m rich. Truly, so many of our problems are First World Problems. So many have so much less.

We’re seeing an outpouring of help from churches, organizations, businesses and individuals. Caravans of trucks from electric companies from all across the country. It’s truly heartwarming.

So I look forward to coming back. I even took a picture of our pancakes this morning. I miss you guys. 🙂

See ya soon!

One thought on “Interrupted by Sandy

  1. I didn’t realize you were out that way! So sorry! I can’t imagine what everyone is going through out there right now. Stay positive; praying everyone can get back to normalcy soon!


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