A quick start before I chicken out…

My husband is tired of hearing me say, “if I had a blog, I would want people to know…” 🙂

So…this will be a food blog. In addition to recipes, I’d like to add some topics to this blog that have become of great interest to me:

Food quality/purity issues.

A little food politics.

Book/cookbook recommendations.

How some health issues can been resolved by a simple change in diet.

Maybe some food prep ideas, shortcuts or economy measures.

It’ll be a place where, when I’m talking to someone at church or in a grocery store or at work and can’t remember the details of an aspect of nutrition that can help them (this happens to me often!), I can say, “Go to this blog. There’s a link there to an article about this very thing!”

I’m not a nutritionist, health care practitioner, or certified anything. Just a wife and mom of three married kids who has always had a passion for studying nutrition and for preparing food for family and friends from whole, natural ingredients.

I am a researcher, though, and I have a high tolerance for searching out possible nutritional answers to health problems. If we chat about avoiding processed foods or why to choose grass-fed meat or the benefits of shopping at your local farmer’s market, I will share what I’ve learned from experience as well as links to articles that can help you choose for yourself.

I’ll also be adding a few personal bits of my life for the sake of loved ones who live at a distance, so bear with me!

So, I guess we’ll see what happens. Just another leg of the journey that’s my life. I hope this little blog will be able to encourage you to wade through the food options available to us and determine how best to nourish yourself and your families. :)

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